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About Us

Welcome to JT Direct!

As part of the larger Jointing Tech brand, JT Direct was created to bridge the gap between our traditional website offering and the e-commerce aspect of our business. JT Direct is here to provide a seamless and streamlined shopping experience for our long serving customers that have trusted us for many years and the new shopper that may not necessarily recognise our brand but are interested in our market leading prices!

With a focus on our top selling products, we'll be posting exclusive offers here and on our JT Direct social media pages so you'll be the first to know where the best discounts are. Not only that but the products that we're known for i.e. cable joints, cable troughing, cleats, joints, terminations and all your cable jointing accessories are here too so you've got a one-stop shop at your fingertips.

Most of our products will be available for either next day or fast delivery to ensure optimal speed from the point of order to arriving at your doorstep/site.

We hope you enjoy the new style of JT shopping and if you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]


JT Direct - The one-stop shop at your fingertips!

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