Bespoke 3M Kitting Solutions from Jointing Tech

Jointing Tech are leaders in specialist power cable & accessories, supplying products that connect and maintain UK electrical infrastructure. 

We continue to lead through innovation in both the development of existing technologies and the creation of new distribution solutions to better supply and serve the industry.

As the forerunners in the supply chain for MV joints & termination kits, we at Jointing Tech know only too well that there is significant demand for customised, quality, project-specific cold shrink kits which will meet the often unique requirements & specifications of each and every project.

3M have developed cable accessories for the industrial market for many years and are globally accepted as leaders in the field, specialising in the production of high-quality standard products in large volumes. However, the timely provision to the market of project-specific kits, customised for precise project demands, has been challenging to the supply chain.

As a trusted 3M channel partner, Jointing Tech is the ideal specialised distributor to solve this problem, so we have invested in a facility to produce a bespoke cold-shrink joint & termination kitting solution, with significantly reduced lead-times, from an ISO-9001 accredited site in the United Kingdom.

Just tell us what you need and we can build your kit - buy only the parts you need and avoid any waste!


Not sure which kit you need for the cable you already have?  Try the Jointing Tech easy selection guide below:

11kV Straight Joints - Single Core Selection Tool


We are thrilled to be partnering so closely with 3M to provide this essential kitting solution alongside the complete range of 3M standard products and look forward to continuing our tradition of quality & innovation in support of our industry.

If you would like to discuss your project needs or learn more about how this new service can benefit your project, please contact Jointing Tech today.

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