A wide range of versatile lubricants
A wide range of versatile lubricants


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Being a proud supplier of 3M products and given that it's such a staple product for any professional in a wide variety of industries, we've ensured that Scotch spray is well stocked at Jointing Tech! Our full range includes; Scotch 1600 anti-corrosion spray, Scotch 1601/1602 insulation spray, Scotch 1605 dehumidifier spray, Scotch 1609 silicone spray, Scotch 1626 degreasing spray and Scotch 1633 rust remover spray.  

Scotch sprays should be a must-use product with maintenance programmes, from preventative action to repairing damage in all electrical and electronic environments. By safeguarding the quality and function of technical equipment and accessories, service life can be considerably increased. They are also suitable for a multitude of general purpose applications making them great additions to your tool box.

We also stock Action Can AC-90 too - being such a versatile lubricant, AC-90 can be used for a wide range of lubrication purposes. From everyday uses like restoring the smoothness of hinges, drawers runners, curtain tracks and many more, to more professional applications, AC-90 is suitable for all. 

In addition we have an extensive range of lubricants, greases, sealants and oils along with the spray bottles, sprayers, skeleton guns and full range of accessories you'll need to complete your project.

3M Aerosol Sprays 3M Aerosol Sprays Action Can Range Action Can Range Cleaners & Degreasers Cleaners & Degreasers Cleaning & Hygiene Cleaning & Hygiene Expanding Foam and Cleaner Expanding Foam and Cleaner Lubricants, Greases & Oils Lubricants, Greases & Oils Paint and Paint Cleaners Paint and Paint Cleaners 380ml Standard Skeleton Gun 380ml Standard Skeleton Gun Action Can Dispenser Bottle Action Can Dispenser Bottle Clear Silicone Sealant Clear Silicone Sealant Cold Asphalt Joint Sealer Spray Cold Asphalt Joint Sealer Spray Empty Trigger Spray Bottle 750ml Empty Trigger Spray Bottle 750ml Timco Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray Timco Heavy Duty Adhesive Spray
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